Add to this that we have some social responsibility to generate employment for South Africa and, in many cases, the good old bobby on the beat is still the best deterrent, then it’s not hard to see why the patrolling security guard is not really under threat from super high-tech video monitoring. Not that there is anything wrong with progress, it’s just that guards have been around for a long time and they are going to be with us for a long time to come. However, ensuring patrolling guards adhere to site specifications is paramount to providing quality security, even if this sometimes proves a little challenging. Guard monitoring has been with us for decades, in the beginning perhaps only as a way of catching a guard sleeping, but today this model has changed completely. From a client’s point of view, it’s almost like an insurance policy or a guarantee proving that they get what they pay for. From a security company’s perspective, it’s a valuable quality control tool. Even the guard can now provide evidence that they were performing their duties while being unsupervised.

Today, guard monitoring equipment has become a vital part of our industry and there are now numerous suppliers with various solutions. However, the number one criteria that is on everyone’s lips is SERVICE. So, armed with this knowledge when DB Projects entered the market with its online offering some 12 years ago, it went the route of selling a “guard monitoring service” that included the equipment for a monthly fee. At this time, DB Projects also created its Customer Charter – simple, but to the point:

  • Treat each other and our customers with respect and dignity
  • Aim for the best performance when delivering our services.
  • Provide quality & reliable products to our clients.
  • Understand our client’s needs and aim to meet those needs through exceptional service & quality products.

This approach proved to be exactly what most security companies were looking for and, as proof of this, the original business plan only made provision to supply the Gauteng market, but we soon had requests for the service nationally. The next few years saw a roll-out of branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Klerksdorp and the Free State. The volume of sites in the Gauteng area grew so much that to maintain service levels, Johannesburg and Pretoria had to be split into two branches. This split had the added advantage that allowed Rustenburg and Witbank/Middleburg to now also be covered.


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