Ensuring Reliable Route Patrols

The Guard Track product consists of 4 elements:

  • The Patrol Baton
    The stainless-steel body is 3cm in diameter and 21cm long, and weighs 470g. The patrol baton has an on-board self-contained microprocessor powered by a long-life lithium battery. The average life expectancy for a patrol baton battery is 4-9 years, depending on usage and recharge cycles.
  • The Supervisor Baton
    Longer than the patrol baton, and blue in colour, it also has a self-contained microprocessor but with extra memory to allow the collection of data from batons out on site. This feature removes the need of transporting batons to and from sites for downloading. In addition, it also records the presence of supervisors at patrol points.
  • The Patrol Point
    The patrol point contains a microchip with a built-in serial number that is used to identify the location of the point. Similar in aesthetic to a large wristwatch battery, the patrol point requires no external power or cables. The patrol point is supplied with a mounting bracket made of high impact PVC.
  • The Docking Station
    The docking station is placed on the desk next to a computer, and does not require external power. Its function is to transfer data from the baton to a computer via a USB or serial port. The batons are simply placed head-down into the station, and the computer does the rest.

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